Working with Nitinol

Does your next project involve Nitinol? Here is one example of our manufacturing process and how we can help you.

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Step 1: Design

We take your CAD model or file and design a heat setting fixture to hold the laser cut flat part or shaped wire form. This particular fixture is just two dimensional, but we have also built complicated three dimensional forms, especially for formed nitinol wire parts.

Nitinol part cad file

Nitinol part CAD file.

Nitinol part cad file

CAD file of simple heat set fixture

Step 2: Cut

We take the file to be cut and process it on our custom fiber laser. We have the ability to cut parts with features as small as .002” and complete parts as large as 11.5” x 11.5”. Tolerances can be as low as .001” per inch. Thicknesses can range from .001” to .125”.

Nitinol parts cut out of sheet

Nitinol parts cut out of a sheet.

Step 3: Build

Here we have a laser cut NiTi part in the heat setting fixture. More complicated finished parts may require a fixture with multiple laser cut plates put into an assembly and welded or pinned together.

Nitinol in heat setting fixture

Nitinol part in heat setting fixture.

Step 4: Finish

The fixture with the laser cut part is then dipped in molten salt and then quenched to cool it down quickly.

The bluish hue on the outside of the part is an oxide formed during the heat setting process. If needed we can remove the oxide by dipping the part in a nitinol deoxidizing acid. We can also do electropolishing if required.

Nitinol part after heat setting

Nitinol part right after heat setting.

This is the final part.

Deoxidized Nitinol part

Nitinol after deoxidized heat setting.

Complex assembly 1

Complex nitinol heat setting fixture sample 1.

Complex assembly 2

Complex nitinol heat setting fixture sample 2.

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“Previous laser cut suppliers could not hit the tolerance that the project required. Microcut Lab was able to make the hard features that we needed. Great response time and reasonable pricing.”
- P.T., R&D Director