Precision Laser Cutting

Helping Engineers Accelerate Their Prototype Design Cycles

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We provide flat sheet and tubing prototypes delivered in days. Our specialization in the medical device industry helps us provide you with feedback that often opens up new design possibilities in the prototyping phase.

Nitinol Parts

Specializing in heat setting, laser cutting, oxide removal and electropolishing NiTi wire, flat sheet and tubing.

Flat Parts

Able to process many materials in thicknesses from .001" to .125" and up to 11.5" X 11.5" max single part size.

Tube Parts

Whether you need parts from a .020" OD tube or a 1.5" tube we have you covered. On axis and off axis cutting capabilities to tackle all of your design requirements.


Combine multiple laser cut parts with precise fits to create complex geometric assemblies. Get your assembly fixtures or equipment online quickly with our unique assembly approach.

“Consistent positive outcomes on quality, part build advice and engineering input, pricing is in line with industry. Able to buy low quantity that we need for testing.”
- E.L., Medical Device Engineer

Why Businesses Choose Microcut Lab

Microcut Lab is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate partner for design engineers in the medical device industry. This is how we can help you:

Unique Capabilities

Open up new design possibilities

  • Specialized materials including Nitinol
  • Extremely tight tolerances (+/-.0005)
  • Small features with interior radii as small as 0.001"
  • Small hole drilling in tubes
  • Flat sheet
  • Cut Tubes to length
  • Eliminate aspect ratio constraints of photo-etching

Design Help

We can help you with your design, based on our knowledge of laser cutting abilities, helping you get the best design possible for your application.

For example, one client’s project originally called for a +0.002 clearance which, when combined with the mating part, we anticipated it producing unnecessary “slop”. Because of our ability to achieve tight tolerances, we suggested producing it line-to-line and it worked. The implications for future design work was as exciting for the client as was the discovery itself.

No Minimum Requirement

No minimums means you won't overspend on parts you don't need. This helps you squeeze out more design tests out of your budget.

Fast Turnarounds

To help your project stay on time

  • Quotes turned around fast, usually within 2 hours
  • Parts delivered within 1 - 3 days of order placement (as soon as same day)
  • Many material types in stock
“I always need stuff fast. R&D is all about speed and it is so expensive to go through the design cycle. Paying more for rapid parts and shortening the design cycle ends up being less expensive than stretching the part delivery out 8 weeks. We wait until the last second to submit our designs and we always get them on time.”
- S.R., Lead Engineer

Stock Materials

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